Student Learning Index

EduValuate is developed with the vision to get practical and operational understanding from data in education sector (Schools, Colleges and Coaching Centers). While there are software available that can give information, we came to know that they are very clumsy and unmanageable for daily use and decision making. Today, there is real call for effortless but powerful data vitalization tools that can make information consumption a pleasure for parents as well as teachers.

Education is undergoing rapid changes and a side effect of that teachers and school managements need to handle a lot of data. Our goal is to make useful illumination about the data and present the findings in a simple format for quicker and better decision making.

At EduValuate, we believe that great leaders and great schools learn, reflect and EVALUATE themselves on a regular basis. We have developed a consistent monitoring tool for education sector that can provide Student Education a vital direction. By helping you understand the best measurements for educational evaluation, EduValuate can help you as an educational leader bring your school to a higher level of achievement and success for all students.